We believe safe packing is a safe business. Aditya Stonex not only excels in quality of products but also of packaging type and packaging material. When it comes to supplying products, packaging needs high concern just like the quality of the products. All the cobbles, marble blocks, tiles, and slabs of marbles and other stones are carefully packed in the strong crates of wooden materials.

We are highly concerned about the safety of our consignment and hence concentrate on delivering goods with best quality packing. The polished and well-finished marbles, granite, and sandstones reach to our client’s destination in a perfect form without an inch of damage and scratch. The strong wooden packaging provides powerful packing for the marbles and also protect goods from moisture, microbes, and dust.

The larger pieces i.e. slabs of marbles or granite are also packed in fumigated crates packed sturdily with C-clamping. The wooden bundles used for packing slabs are made from strong good quality wood. The bundles are fastened to keep the goods safe during long transit on uneven roads. The slabs are compressed inside the bundles to avoid breakages due to movements. A plastic sheet is inserted between each slab to keep them safe from scratches occurred due to friction between the two slabs. The bundles are also nailed to the floor of the containers to avoid movement and thereby breakages.